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Small change, big impact

Climate change is harming our planet, but if we all make a small change, we can make a big impact. (more:trees) enables you to plant trees, so you can help sequester carbon dioxide in the future. Sometimes it's the little things that count.

As a business and a friend to the planet, Survival Instinct Preparedness will gift a tree for you, spend over £10 in The Supply Hut Helping us to help you to make a difference.

You can view our Virtual forest here

How you can make a difference

One tree, many benefits. Planting trees helps:

Absorb carbon from the atmosphere

Provide farms with work to support the local economy

Give someone an income and the skill to feed their family

Protect animals from deforestation

Increase rainfall, purify water, and improve crop yield.

How they do it

They partner with tree planting partners across the world who work with local communities to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty. By planting trees you help sequester CO2 emissions while providing co-benefits such as water filtration, shelter, food sources, poverty alleviation, and biodiversity. The more trees you plant, the more you help.

These trees are planted in many locations throughout the world, you can read up about the positive impact (more:trees) have here.