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Winter is here, and for some parts of the UK, and the rest of the world, snow is already falling. So traveling can be quite a challenge, whether you are in your car or on foot. I would say it is better to be prepared than not, but your health or your life is at stake here. So it is crucial that you are prepared and ready, this is not a choice. This is a short guide for being prepared.

Cold weather tips

Prepare! This is the basis of all things. Failing to prepare can have severe consequences. Especially in cold temperatures. This could be traveling, at home or even just walking to work.

Body heat! Keep warm, protect your body, and wrap up warm. This includes all areas, feet, hands, and your head.

Keep yourself covered! It's not just the cold temperature, it's also the wind and exposure to the elements. The wind can strip away the warmth on any exposed areas of the body. Keep it covered as much as you can.

Layers! Ok, you are going for a walk, maybe taking the pet out, or just a stroll. Having just a fluffy top on, won't cut it. Layer up, you may not have all the thermal gear, but here is the best way to keep your body heat. Base layer: A long sleeve top, close to your skin. Midlayer: For insulation, wool or polyester, or a mix. Outer layer: A hooded top or fleece, and a warm jacket. If your jacket is not windproof, use an outer shell that is.

You will be trapping air in all these layers, this will keep the heat in.

High-intensity activities will generate body heat and sweat, so it's necessary to wear clothing that is breathable, moisture-wicking, and has good temperature regulation properties.

Hydrate! Avoid ice-cold drinks whilst you are out. This will lower your core temperature. Also severe cold is the same effect as severe heat. Hydrate yourself.

Travel! If you don't have to, stay at home. Only travel if you need to.

Alcohol! The popular belief is that it warms you up, but alcohol does not warm you.


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