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Saws are a bushcrafters best friend

Gone are the days when you would use a wire saw

Here is some information on some of the saws you can get out there

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There are wire saws and there are hand chainsaws.

I have tried them both and I must say, not for me. Takes too long, they get stuck with all the debris and your hands hurt after a while. But it's up to you to try out.

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This is one of my favourites, the Banco folding hand saw. 

Very easy to use and cuts like a dream. Not to big and you can get some nice sheaths for it.

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The next step up would be the Silky Gomboy. Slightly longer and a folding blade. Very sharp teeth. You can get these in different grading of the teeth. 

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I personally own one of these bad boys. It is the Silky Bigboy. Again you can get different grades of teeth. This is quite a large hand saw, but it still has a folding blade. Great for those bigger jobs, and it is very sharp. The only larger one is the Katanaboy, wow is that a big saw, wouldn't fit in your backpack though. 

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With a bow saw, you’re more limited in the diameter of what you can cut through. The handle will stop the blade from cutting too deeply once it rubs up against the tree, limiting the cut depth to the distance between the blade and handle. These fold up and easy to pack. Great for processing your wood at camp, ready for the fire.

The same safety procedures are needed as with a knife and axes. Don't get your hands in the way of the blade, remember the saw can still jump, then go through you. Not a nice thought.

 Always take your time when sawing, never rush. 

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